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Just a Blog written in Modesto.

Just a blog about Cellulite and Cellulite Machines & and a bit on laser assisted liposuction

Musings on Cellulite and machines that treat cellulite:

Disclaimer:  There is no specific medical advice found here.  Contact your own doctor for specific medical advice.  Just random thoughts on the topic of cellulite and the machines used to treat them temporarily.  This is not totally comprehensive.  I'm sure I've left out a few cellulite machines and of course many of the treatments ie. cellulite creams.  Science is always changing and this website was made at the end of 2008.  I have provided some very useful links at the bottom and use this as your springboard for your anti-cellulite research.  Use info here at your own risk.  I've always believed that a diversified knowledge base helps one become a well rounded expert in one's chosen field.

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Is there a Cellulite Solution?  What is cellulite?

Cellulite affects:

Cellulite affects 85-98% of post puberty females of all races.  It is not a disease.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite describes the orange peel or cottage cheese dimpling of the skin seen on thighs, buttocks, and sometimes abdomens (and there are other areas).  Cellulite is a issue of cosmetic concern for many people.  It is rarely seen in males. 

Where does cellulite attack?

Most common areas for cellulite are:  upper outer thighs, the posterior thighs, and buttocks.  Cellulite can also be found on the breasts, lower abdomen, the upper arms, and the nape of the neck.  These are areas of female pattern adipose deposition.  Obesity is not necessary for its presence.

What causes cellulite?

There is no definitive explanation.  But there are 4 leading thoughts (theories on cellulite) on the cause.

  • Female skin architecture causing cellulite - fat herniation
  • Altered connective tissue septae causing cellulite - dimpling
  • Vascular changes causing cellulite - increased edema
  • Inflammatory factors causing cellulite - some people have pain over areas of cellulite.

What makes cellulite worse?

  • Stress
  • Weight gain
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Hormonal contraceptives

Does exercise and Diet make cellulite better?

Fat cell (adipocyte) volume alone does not create cellulite.  But cellulite becomes more noticeable with weight gain.  Diet and exercise is usually an initial step in the treatment of cellulite

Does Liposuction make Cellulite better?

Liposuction (suction lipoplasty) - some report improvements in cellulite reduction, but others report worsening.

What are the stages of Cellulite?  There are Four stages of Cellulite.

  • Stage One Cellulite:  Cellulite damage is not yet visible.  Blood vessels break down allowing edema.
  • Stage Two Cellulite:  "Orange peel" cellulite texture is apparent only when pinched.
  • Stage Three Cellulite:  "Orange peel" cellulite texture is apparent even without pinching.  Skin has a rough feel.
  • Stage Four Cellulite:  Lumps and dimples are always visible and damage occurs at all layers of the skin.


Listing of companies and their anti-cellulite machines / cellulite reduction lasers and Laser Lipo machines:

Listed here are some Laser assisted Lipo (laser lipo) machines as well.  But mainly this is a listing of non-invasive methods of reducing fat and smoothing out cellulite.  There is no particular order.  I cleared up the list below into cellulite machines and laser lipo machines (see other lists below).

Note:  LipSonix and UltraShape continues in clinical trials, and the FDA is attempting to define it usage and application. The device uses ultrasonic energy to possibly disrupt fatty tissue and it is said that the bodies natural defense systems destroy the loose fatty cells and the rest is absorbed into your bloodstream. The question remains, once in your bloodstream, where does the extra fat go? Does the fat that does not get destroyed by the natural defense mechanisms get absorbed?

List of noninvasive cellulite reducing machines (lasers, light energy, RF energy, focused ultrasound energy)

Cellulite reduction with machines currently is considered mostly temporary.  Some think of this as a botox treatment which needs an ongoing maintenance.  The technology continues to improve.


A little more In-depth on the VelaShape by Syneron.

Class II platform device

  • Infrared Light
  • Radio Frequency
  • Vacuum
  • Massage

Who may perform what type of medical/cosmetic procedure and where in California

Use of lasers, dermabrators, and Botox web page by medical assistants, nurses, and physician assistants from the Medical Board of California

Medical Assistant FAQ what they can and cannot perform in California

List of energy (laser or ultrasound) assisted Liposuction Machines - laser lipo and ultrasound lipo

As for cellulite reduction.  See the section above on liposuction.  The summary here is that sometimes liposuction helps and sometimes liposuction makes cellulite worse.  There is ongoing research to target the lasers more specifically to adipose (fat cells) tissue.  The research keeps growing in this field.

I just got this ad in my email from Sciton 2/27/09, we need to add ProLipo Plus to the list of Laser Lipo tools:


The Sciton JOULE™ is the world’s first laser with unique OptiPlex™ technology. It delivers the broadest range of laser and light options via 3 distinct modes: arm, fiber, and BBL. JOULE enables the widest range of procedures in a single system, from fractional skin resurfacing to laser-assisted lipolysis.

Unmatched Choice. Unlimited Revenue Potential.

  • Select from the most profitable procedures for maximum return on investment.
  • Profit from the lowest-per-procedure cost with no disposable charges and your choice of any fiber on the market.

Customize Today. Evolve Tomorrow.

  • Build the optimum JOULE for your practice today: choose from one to nine modules.
  • Expand JOULE as your practice grows, as new procedures are developed, and as future modules become available from Sciton.

Renowned Quality. Unrivaled Longevity.

  • Multiple modules and easy expansion ensure your system will not become obsolete.
  • Our policy of unlimited pulses under warranty means you will never be charged for a handpiece that has “run out of shots.”

Sciton, Inc. | 925 Commercial Street, Palo Alto, CA 94303 | 1.888.646.6999 | 1.650.493.9155 | sciton.com




YouTube Videos on some related topics (mostly liposuction):



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