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Tammy Wu and Calvin Lee, Picture taken Sept. 2008. 
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Eulogy on eyeglasses?

Disclaimer:  There is no specific medical advice found here.  Contact your own doctor for specific medical advice.  Just what's on my mind.  Use info here at your own risk.  This was written early in 2008, I dug this out.  Written by Calvin Lee.

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Eyeglasses - in with the new, out with the old

My Old Glasses broke!

I've had these glasses (Neostyle eyewear) - bought them at an eyeglass shop in the mall 10 years ago.  When I was a fledgeling in Cleveland in 1997.  They have served me well.  They developed a crack along the right ear piece last week.  In fact a piece of the eye-glasses (plastic) is missing.  It feels sharp on the side of my skull.  Ow! that hurts.  I think it's time to give these glasses a rest.  They been with me every day.  I would really be lost without them.  They have given me sight, and protected my sight.  What a wonderful thing - glasses. 

Never gave my old glasses a name (besides knowing it had the words Neostyle written on the sides - long worn off).  But should it have a name?  It was so much a part of me, so giving it a name would make it seem separated.  So... I don't know.  Will I miss them?   (They are now digging into my scalp.  Blood?)

Missing the old trusty pair of glasses depends on the new replacement -  A  sleeker, newer, thinner one - hopefully won't hurt as much.  I'm starting my search today.  I don't like that coke bottle nerd look.  I need thinner lens for sure, and perhaps thinner frame.

I had an eye exam today.  It was a long eye exam.  First started a lecture about the stupidity of not getting an eye exam within the last decade.  A scare about retinal detachment and going blind.  Then I looked through about 10 different machines and had to choose between 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6 to see what looked clearer.  Sometimes, it all looked the same.  I had to tell them  what I read with my right eye:  "V X Z H C'   Okay, now close that eye and with the other eye read the same line:  "Um, the first letter looks like a square?"  Nope, wrong, let's start with a different line.  It took a while, and I had my eyes, dilated, I can't still see this screen very clearly.   I had my eyes assaulted with different lights and violent puffs of air.  The eye doc told me that her eyes where -9 diopters?  I thought I was bad at -7.

Then I went to choose glasses.  I didn't like any of them.  I'm still wearing my old trusty glasses with sharp edge in the right ear piece.  They're not all broken, they still work.  Still looks like me when I wear them.  Hasn't changed for the last decade.   Perhaps this means that when I wear them, I haven't aged for 10 years.  Wishful thinking.

Too bad I didn't find a replacement.  At least I got my new prescription.

Got my prescription:

R: -650 - 125 x 088
L: -725 -075 x 148


Nerd calculations:

10 years = 3650 days.

Glasses back then with hi-index polymer lens cost $400.

Guess how much it costs per day to wear these glasses.


Ans:  11 cents a day.

For 11 cents a day, you too can buy 20/20 eyesight!

So the new glasses?  Sylvan Eye, Stanislaus Vision, and Alain Mikli eyeglass frame.

update:  I went to Sylvan Eye, Modesto to get my eye examined and chose a lens (super thin lens).  Since I didn't find any frames I liked there.  I went to Stanislaus Vision at McHenry Village in Modesto and picked out a conservative Alain Mikli frame.  I heard that Kanye West (rapper) wears Alain Mikli frames.  At least we have that in common.

Wearing the new eye-glasses:


Pictures are from my house, in front of our Steinway B Grand Piano, and playing the violin (F.L. Pique Violin).


Rest in Peace - the old eyeglasses:

Surgeon Acupuncturist, picture from 2002-2003, Modesto, CA   

Pictures are from McHenry Medical Group when I worked there, and at Appetez Restaurant in Modesto, CA before a Modesto Symphony concert.