Filling the water of my backyard Pool


Tammy Wu and Calvin Lee, Picture taken Sept. 2008. 
Just a collection of interesting photos from Modesto.

Interesting Pool Photo

Laughter is the best medicine:

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Another interesting Photo:  Filling my swimming pool

Who made my pool?

The pool was made in around the year 2002 by Vintage Pools which is now part of Aqua Pools.

How big is the pool?

I don't remember.  But it is a small pool.  So small that it stays cold all the time, even through the summers where temperatures in Modesto reach over 100 degrees (F).

Where is the pool?

In my backyard in Modesto, CA.  It came with the house.  I've only been in the pool about 1 time, and I didn't even go all the way in.  It's too cold for me.  Where is Modesto?


How much water did you have to use to fill the pool?

I ran the water through my hose and it tool a little over 1 hour to fill it up about 3-4 inches.  My hose was long and had kinks thus the resistance was high.  This picture above was taken after I had started filling the pool for about 15 minutes.  It still looks like another 3 inches to go based on the previous mineral deposit line that is present on the side tiles of the pool.

How often do you have to fill the pool?

Once a year, I believe.  I do have a pool service.

The picture is gross

I was just filling the pool.  I understand that we have to save water, but there's a water hose in the picture as proof.  I'm out there but not by that much!  Laughter is the best medicine.... right?  There is nothing gross about filling a pool with water from a hose!  Just a picture about living in Modesto.

Need info on Aqua Pool and Spa?

Aqua pool and spa isn't actually in Modesto, but they are nearby in Manteca, and also have a branch in Sacramento

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Greater Sacramento:
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