Trader Joe's Green Tea Mints

Tammy Wu and Calvin Lee, Picture taken Sept. 2008. 
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Green Tea Mints from Trader Joe's

with natural green tea antioxidants:

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The craze of Green Tea.

Health benefits of antioxidants.  So why not make them into mints.  Other companies (other than Trader Joe's) claim that green tea naturally helps with bad breath.  I don't know if it does or not.  I just noticed these about 2 months ago at Trader Joes (this would be around July 2008).  I live in Modesto, CA; I'm referring to the Modesto Trader Joes, located near the mall.  They write on these packages that 3 mints equals 1 cup of green tea.

What's so special about green tea (Link)

Other Green Tea Mints that I've tried?

  • Sencha Green Tea Mints - I've tried all the different flavors (three of them at this time), made by Sencha Naturals.
  • Sencha Green Tea Mints - Original flavor (fresh breath therapy they write on the packaging)
  • Sencha Delicate Pear Green Tea Mints
  • Sencha Lemon Grass Green Tea Mints
  • There are other brands but I haven't tried them.

What are the differences?

The Trader Joe's ones have more of a minty flavor than the Sencha Green Tea Mints.  I also noticed that the Trader Joe's green tea mints are sweetened with can sugar and honey granules rather than Sorbitol and Xylitol.  The Sencha product is a 1 oz round screw top tin and the trader joe's product is a square flip top tin coming in at 1.2 oz.  The Sencha green tea mints are sugar free.


What do I like about the Green Tea Mints from Trader Joe's?

  • Convenient flip top (you don't have to twist to open these).  Good for while in the car, but still tricky with one hand.  At least you won't lose the top.
  • I like that they are more minty
  • They are still pretty addictive and have more taste than the straight mint ones (at least for me)

Would I buy more of these Green Tea Mints from Trader Joe's?

Of course.

Cost of the green tea mints:

About $2 for the tin.  This is a little more than the usual Altoids and other mints that Trader Joe's also carries.

Where can I buy these mints:

Trader Joes for the trader joes mints, and Amazon is a good place to look for the Sencha Green Tea Mints.