Surgical Artistry Inc.

Calvin Lee, MD  -  Acupuncture, Veins, Gen Surgery

Tammy Wu, MD  -  Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery Modesto

Dr. Tammy Wu Plastic Surgeon &
Dr. Calvin Lee (me), General Surgeon / Acupuncturist


Surgical Artistry

We went through several names for our company including Modesto Plastic Surgery.  One night while out of town on advanced acupuncture training, I drew on a napkin the words Surgical Artistry, it had a scalpel on it - nevertheless, we used it as our name and logo.  Our final logo is down below.  On the left is an "interim" logo that we had entertained as we are found of cellos and stringed instruments.  Surgical Artistry is home to Dr. Tammy Wu's Plastic Surgery practice (and mine as well).

- Calvin Lee, MD

Surgical Artistry, Inc. - (209) 551-1888
2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C, Modesto, CA 95355

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