Santorini Restaurant - Mediterranean Food

Picture taken Sept. 2008. 
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San Francisco Santorini Restaurant

242 O'Farrell Street. San Francisco, CA 94102     Phone 415-402-0060  Fax 415-402-0550

Restaurant review:
Disclaimer:  There is no specific medical advice found here.  Contact your own doctor for specific medical advice.  Just what's on my food mind.  Use info here at your own risk.  I enjoy eating and writing so thus I offer this review.  Mediterranean food / Greek food is one of my favorites!  Note, this is not the official Santorini SF Restaurant web page.  Please visit their own web page: Santorini Restaurant in San Francisco - their menu is online too.

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Santorini Restaurant (San Francisco) - Mediterranean food

From their website:

Santorini is located in the heart of beautiful San Francisco only one block from the famous Union Square.

Santorini is a Mediterranean restaurant with an exceptional menu from various Mediterranean region. Aroma of freshly baked bread in the brick oven is appetizing to every pallet. Santorini specializes in creating a unique and enjoyable dining experience in a warm, friendly and relaxed ambiance.

Come and enjoy specialties such as Lamb Souvlakia, Mousaka and Pomegranate Chicken as well as brick oven baked pizzas and freshly made to order pastas


  • Speedy and responsive.
  • Water was refilled promptly.  I had to ask for a few things, such as for a refill on the bread.
  • We didn't have to wait much for the food to come out; however, there were only 4 other tables occupied.

When did I visit?  Who did I go with?

  • October 2008.  It was still warm outside.
  • I visited Santorini with my wife.  She enjoyed it as well.


The food at Santorini Restaurant

 I had the Lamb Shank and Tammy had the Chicken Souvlakia dish, the Babaganush appetizer we had was great.  Babaghanoosh = Grilled eggplant with caramelized onion and garlic.  Tammy said that her Chicken dish had a great flavor.  More so than other Mediterannean restaurants we had visited.  The Lamb Shank was in a tomato sauce, and had mashed potatoes and some grilled vegetables.  The dish was quite large for me, but I managed to finish it all.  The mashed potatoes lost a bit of their warmth as it was a large plate.

Cost of our meals

You can get a good idea of cost by going to the official website for Santorini Restaurant

We ordered the Santorini Island Platter ($15) as an appetizer, had tea for drinks (no alcohol for us), Chicken Souvlakia (chicken kabob) - ($15), Lamb Shank ($16).  My favorite was the Santorini Island Platter.  I resisted.  I wanted to get the Saganaki which is Fried feta cheese served on a bed of mixed baby greens and pomegranate dressing.  I usually call this the flaming cheese dish.  Our meal in the end came out to mid-upper $60's with tax and tip.

Would I go back to Santorini Restaurant

Sure!  The ambience was good, the waiters/waitresses were friendly, and the food was great.


It was almost across the street from Hotel Nikko, on Mason street.  242 O'Farrell Street. San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone 415-402-0060 Fax 415-402-0550.


242 O'Farrell Street. San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone 415-402-0060 Fax 415-402-0550

Website for Santorini Restaurant

Santorini Restaurant in San Francisco





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