Different types of Stretching

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Different Stretches

Stretching, stretches, what a stretch:

Disclaimer:  There is no specific medical advice found here.  Contact your own doctor for specific medical advice.  Just what's on my stretch mind.  Use info here at your own risk.  How come stretch isn't spelled strech?  Nevermind...  Well, I am one of the most non-flexible folks on this planet.  I thought I'd write about stretches as a self help exercise.  Maybe I'll graduate to doing yoga one day?  Stretching hasn't been one of my favorite things to do.  My wife on the other hand is very flexible and loves stretching.

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Types of Stretching

Ballistic Stretching

Static Stretching

Dynamic Stretching

Active Stretching

Passive Stretching (relaxed stretching)

Isometric (contraction) Stretching (mainly used as a definition, most people are using PNF stretching which involves isometric stretching)

PNF Stretching


A good source of info: http://www.cmcrossroads.com/bradapp/docs/rec/stretching/stretching_4.html, as it was the main source of info for above, plus some of my thoughts added in..  In that link, you will find the most highly referenced document on stretching on the internet that I have currently found, it also talks about the the different types of flexibility. 

Musician/Pianist that damaged his hands from stretching - stretching for piano players ...

Many pianists wish for larger reaches.  For me, my hands are small - great for a surgeon, but not so great for a pianist or violinist.  I would love to get more of a reach in my fingers.  Using this document, I know that I use passive stretching when I brace my hand against a table and gently stretch the thumb and pinky fingers away from each other, and I practice active stretching when playing octaves on the piano.  An interesting thought is that I have not practiced PNF stretching for my fingers.  Now that would be valuable!  But be careful.  Schumann reportedly damaged his right hand from over-stretching from using a mechanical device that exercised and stretched his hands.


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