My log of tomatoes that I'm growing this year, 2009, in my Modesto home garden

Tammy surveying the garden on 3/23/09


Tomatoes Planted on 3/14/09

Source:  From small starter plants from Scenic Nursery, Modesto, CA

Tomatoes Planted on 3/21/09

Source:  From small starter plants from Morris Nursery, Riverbank, CA

These are pictures gathered from the web.  I'll hope to have my own pictures of these tomatoes - mostly heirloom tomatoes soon.

Tomato Name Picture Size of Tomato Days Description
Orange Russian Tomato Orange Russian Tomato 8 oz 85 bicolor oxheart tomato.  They are delicious and sweet, somewhat fruity in flavor, and are meaty with very few seeds
Sweet Million Tomato Sweet 100 Tomato 1- to 1 1/2-inch 75 Plant can produces over 500 cherry tomatoes.
Sun Gold Tomato Sun Gold Tomato   58  
Green Zebra Tomato Green Zebra Tomato 3 inches, 3 oz 75 sweet with a sharp bite to it, Yield is excellent
Roma Tomato File:TomateTrossRomanaTyp.jpg 4 oz 75 It has few seeds and is a good canning and sauce tomato. image tomato credit
Carbon Tomato Carbon Tomato 10-14 oz
darkest of the black tomatoes with delicious, rich, complex flavors. This tomato variety won taste test of 10 heirloom tomato varieties at Cornell Research Farm.
Mr Stripey Tomato Mr. Stripey tomato 1-1/2 to 2 inch 56 Huge crops of red fruits with clearly defined yellow-orange stripes. 1-1/2 to 2 inch tomatoes have a rich, tangy flavor and are a beautiful novelty for adding whole or cutting into salads.  Image credit
Arkansas traveler Tomato 6 oz 85 Mild flavor, medium sized (approximately six ounces). Pink in color image tomato credit
Green Grape Tomato 1 inch 75 image credit
Sugar Snack Tomato Sugar Snack Hybrid (Cherry) 3/4 inch 65 Attractive 3/4" fruits are deep red and hang in long clusters like grapes.

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