Modesto Symphony with Central West Ballet

Tammy Wu & Calvin Lee, Picture taken Sept. 2008. 
Just a blog written in Modesto, CA

Teaming up

Central West Ballet with the Modesto Symphony Orchestra:

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Modesto Symphony Orchestra, CA counter.  Central West Ballet in Modestoweb visitors

At the Gallo Center for the Arts
Central West Ballet and the Modesto Symphony Orchestra presents:

Shooting Daggers

  • Fencing by the Central West Ballet dancers.  19 dancers.
  • Theatrical dancing/fencing.
  • Collaboration from the Central West Ballet and the Modesto Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestra will also perform Mozart's Symphony No. 41, "Jupiter Symphony" (no dancers here)
  • Jupiter Symphony is Mozart's last symphony.
  • The other pieces are Signs of Life II, Fireworks, and Dances of Galanta.

Sponsored by CAP (Cooperative of American Physicians), Doctors Medical Center, Curtis & Arata.  

CAP (MPT) advertisement:


Directors - artistic directors

Modesto Symphony Orchestra - conductor David Lockington

Central West Ballet - René Daveluy




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